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Installation (2019)

AIRA Re-Born

🤖: Annif, Microsoft Azure, Flickr


Artistic and Intelligent Research Alternator AIRA (researchers Susanna Helke, Liisa Ikonen, Marko Karo, Harri Laakso and Maiju Loukola) invited me to create an installation to Research Pavilion #3 in Venice 2019.


They asked for


a new starting point,

process and transparency,

new fictiveness,

an other world and

a non exhibition.


They wanted to know, where are we now?


"Artistic Intelligence Research Alternator AIRA focuses on parallel realities by taking other worlds as its starting point for a collective inquiry into different modalities in our perception of reality. This conceptual framing is based on an observation: a new form of narrating, which can be called "New Fictiveness" has emerged, with a new understanding of fiction and its intertwinement with fact. As a concrete endeavor for Research Pavilion #3 in Venice, our research cell attempted to construct a collaborative vehicle for envisioning new imaginaries: producing actions, narratives, images and constellations aiming at augmenting the world we inhabit."

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