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Online Performance (2022–)


Crip Sex Worker

Instagram, OnlyFans, Fansly


In Crip Sex Worker project I do online sex work as a pansexual, non-binary (they/he) crip person living with Multiple Sclerosis. The project is done in collaboration with photographer Tuisku Lehto.

The aim of the project is to use artistic process to identify cultural features of discrimination from a queer and anti ableist perspective:

☀️ resist and deconstruct the stigmas of sex work
☀️ challenge the male gaze that dominates porn
☀️ diverse the ways disability and the sexuality of disabled people is perceived

The project received Theatre Act of the Year 2023 award as part of rampa associations working group facilitated by artist Isa Hukka. The working group created a more accessible performance art event inviting precarious perspectives/haavoittuvaisia havaitsemisia for Baltic Circle in 2022.

"In a beautiful and uncompromising way, the working group creates space for care, incompleteness, diversity of contributors, and accessibility for making and experiencing art.”

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