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Immersive Performance (2014 and 2015)


Supreme Beings

🤖: Instagram

Supreme Beings was an immersive performance for teenagers, where audience could play a game and participate in changing the environment through Instagram.

Production in Helsinki: Mad House Helsinki and The Center for Everything
When: October 2015
Where: Tiivistämö, Suvilahti
Team: Sami Henrik Haapala, Aku Meriläinen, Arttu Nieminen and Kaisa Kukkonen
Photos and video: Arttu Nieminen

Production in Rovaniemi: Experience Park Rovaniemi
When: November 2014
Where: Kahvila Kauppayhtiö
Team: Sami Henrik Haapala, Aku Meriläinen and Arttu Nieminen
Photos: Arttu Nieminen

Supporters: The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Lapland Office) and City of Rovaniemi

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