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Immersive Performance (2018)


Constitution of the AI Party

🤖: Twitter, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Flickr


”Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.” 

Vladimir Putin (speaking about AI to schoolchildren)


The AI Party establishes a new political party led by an artificial intelligence. Bringing together artists, performance-makers, and AI researchers the initiative will focus on the legal formation of an actual political party in preparation for a series of online and public events. The AI Party is both a large-scale performance and the start of a new political movement. 


The realization at Mad House was the official constitution of the Finnish AI Party. In this performance you could meet various forms of AI, make multisensory political decisions and affect to the formation of a new political party in a concrete way. You could embrace new political planets and test how limitless the sharing of power can be in this immersive playground of politics.


Production, direction and sound design: Sami Henrik Haapala

Media and set design: Aku Meriläinen

Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski

Media design: Paula Lehtonen

Media support, videographer and editing: Eero Tiainen

Support for the sound design: Sami Tammela

Photos: Saara Autere and Marko Mäkinen


Premiere 2.3.2018 @ Mad House Helsinki (


From an original concept by Bombina Bombast (SWE), Center for Everything (FIN), First Kiss Productions (NOR) and Triage Live Art Collective (AUS/GER).


Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.


Find out more about The AI Party.

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